Non Woven Fabric Factory | Felt Non Woven Fabric Producer

Non Woven Fabric Factory | Felt Non Woven Fabric Producer

Nonwovens are classified as technical textiles and are ranked third in textile facestock manufacturing after woven and knitted fabrics. Nonwovens have many advantages over woven and knitted fabrics: it can be designed with specific target properties; can vary significantly in thickness, mass, bulk, elasticity and stiffness; and is relatively quick and inexpensive to manufacture.
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25 years of non-woven production and export experience.

A number of high-quality suppliers of large luggage brands.

Strictly passed ISO9001, GRS, SGS and other certifications.

The company has five warehouses overseas.

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Since 1997, the company has focused on the production of nonwoven products, mainly engaged in pp spunbond nonwoven fabrics, meltblown nonwoven fabrics, sms nonwoven fabrics, pe laminated nonwoven fabrics, spunlace nonwoven fabrics, pet nonwoven and other nonwoven fabrics. We have two production parks of more than 100 acres, with branches in Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and other places. The Group's non-woven products have established long-term friendly cooperative relations with world-renowned luggage, handbags and footwear brands and factories such as Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Prada, Under Armour, Dissona, etc. The products have passed ISO9001, ISO13485, GRS quality certification and EU SGS, ROHS, REACH and other environmental testing.

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As one of our hot-selling products, non-woven fabrics have always been welcomed by different groups of people. The company adheres to the principle of customer first, and it is our aim to provide customers with perfect service and satisfactory products. For customization, we can manufacture standardized products according to customer's requirements, such as shape, color, logo, etc. We will do our best to manufacture exquisite products to meet the needs of customers. We will never let our customers lose confidence and dependence on us.

We provide S/SS/SMS PP non-woven fabrics for agriculture/medical/packaging/home/furniture decoration; our products are strictly certified by ISO9001, GRS, SGS, etc. The company has 25 years of non-woven production and export experience.

Surgical Face Mask Non Woven Fabric is a single use filtration fabric worn over the nose and mouth of surgeons to prevent contamination of the operative field and to protect the wearer from splash and splatter.

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