Mingyu factory customize pink black orange colored biodegradable pp spunbond nonwove

Brand Name:MINGYU
Nonwoven Technics:spunbond
color:All the colors are available
Feature:Breathable and waterproof
TEST report:CNAS
MOQ:500 kg

Colorful pp spunbond nonwoven fabric characteristics:
It has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, 
flexible, light weight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, 
non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low price, and recyclable.
It is a fabric that does not need to be spun and weaves, but only 
oriented or randomly braided textile short fibers or filaments to 
form a web structure, which is then reinforced by mechanical, 
thermal bonding or chemical methods. Non-woven fabrics are 
not interwoven and knitted together one by one yarns, but the 
fibers are directly bonded together through physical methods. 
Non-woven fabrics break through the traditional textile principles
and have short technological processes. The production rate is 
fast, the output is high, the cost is low, the use is wide, 
and the source of raw materials is many.

Our advantage:
Factory: We have our own non-woven fabric production industrial park and five warehouses overseas.
Partners: Our products have long-term cooperation with many well-known international brands.
Price: Our factory has many years of experience in exporting to EU 
countries and North America at the most favorable price.
Samples: Abundant samples of various non-woven fabrics can be increased to you free of charge.
Timely delivery: Once you place an order with us. You don't need to worry about delivery. 
We have standard order follow-up and rich experience in export declaration.
Quality control: The factory has passed ISO9001 and GRS environmental protection certification. 
There are many experienced quality control personnel on the production line every day.
After-sales service: We have dedicated order follow-up personnel,  who can deal with your order problems in a timely manner. 
We are very pleased that our customers have given us some suggestions on product packaging, logistics and payment, etc.
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